A Meditation Course for Beginners

These forty-six daily lessons on meditation are drawn from the writings of Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami. They present his key concepts on meditation such as learning to identify with awareness rather than consciousness, the ability of awareness to travel, the difference between odic and actinic force, energy transmutation, becoming vibrant and confident in ourselves, inner flashes of insight and more. These lessons also present Gurudeva’s system called “preparation for meditation.” It is a series of breathing and mental exercises that quiets our mind and directs our awareness inward. There are seven steps taken when going within. They are: Meditative Posture; Regulated Breathing; Body Warmth; Nerve Currents; Power of Spine; Energy Withdrawal; Pure Awareness. When coming out of meditation, this same series is used in reverse. The lessons progressively present these steps and give a daily exercise which starts with just the first step and then gradually adds additional steps for going within and coming out. The lessons toward the end add two additional practices of looking at the inner light and listening to the inner sound.